Who doesn’t love a dog 🐶🐾❤️

Monday 19th February

I mentioned in my bio we’ve got a cocker spaniel an she’s a gorgeous little thing❤️. We got her 3yrs ago originally for my daughter but she soon lost interest an because I’m at home she soon became glued to me.

She’s the most nervous little thing, frightened of her own shadow & hates when we go out (we don’t often leave her alone) .. but she’s adorable.

She gets me out the house on days when I’m really not in the mood, because obviously she’s gotta be walked .. especially the day after I’ve had a fit. She’s definitely been a godsend 😊.

So here’s some pics of our beautiful lady… I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her just like us. Thanks for reading. Xx😘

Posing after being out in the garden ❤️3D069821-9667-4B34-B923-EA9A830F9ECB.jpeg

Watching telly 🤣🤣.8E74511D-6FA8-4612-8968-4EBAE43A4B82

Tired little lady😴😴.7F8410A4-F1F1-4512-BC89-6500DF998CDB

Playing with her ball🐾🐾.

Maybe the most photographed pooch ever… these are only a few of the pics of her❤️❤️. My daughter won’t let me take any of her lately.. nearly 16yrs old she hates me taking her pic😂.. at least poppy can’t moan😊👍. Have a lovely evening everyonexx❤️😘