Tired of being tired💤💤

Tuesday 20th February

Does anyone else struggle with sleeping?? I’m a terrible sleeper .. pretty much have been for the last 15yrs, throw in a cocktail of medication an I’m lucky if I get 4-5 hrs a night an that’s not straight through.., oh no in between that I’m up an down going the bloody bathroom for a wee 5-6 times a night!!! If I’m like this at 44yrs of age what the hell am I gonna be like when I’m older???

A lot of this is due to my epilepsy medication I’m on 4 lots of tablets a day for it…plus folic acid & tablets for my IBS .. I’m surprised I don’t sound like a maraca walking around the house… but if I don’t take the tablets I have more seizures & awful pain in my stomach so I suppose it’s the lesser of two evils🤪.

Sorry for ranting today 😬.. I had all but no sleep last night so feel like rubbish. Early night for me tonight an hopefully a bit of a better sleep 💤💤.

Hope everyone sleeps well tonight thanks for reading  Shirley xx❤️😘💤😊