Good days & bad💜💜💜

Thursday 22nd February

Yesterday was an awful day, one that’s becoming more & more common unfortunately. I was having seizures pretty much from when I woke up for two hours straight.

When I first got diagnosed with epilepsy I was in full time work because they weren’t as severe as they are today… over the years they have got gradually worse which has resulted in me having to give up work.

They are completely unpredictable  which means I can’t make plans because they can come on me at anytime without any warning.

Since finishing work I feel like it’s taken away a hell of a lot of my independence because they can come on me so randomly…I don’t get to see friends as much as I’d like, but gotta say I’ve got lovely friends an a fantastic family an I’d be completely lost without them all.

Since starting my blog an doing my instagram account everyday it’s given me a new lease of life… I know I don’t get to get dressed up & do my makeup every day because of my health 🤪 but on the days I do I really enjoy it. Hopefully over the weekend I’ll have some outfits to pop up for you. Thanks very much for reading & hope you all have a lovely evening Shirley xxx❤️😘