Fabulous Jackets 👌❤️💖

Saturday 25th February

Well in my opinion anyway 🤩.

Today is all about the little jackets to wear dressed up or dressed down. I love a jacket I think they’re so versatile an can be worn  in lots of ways.

I thought I’d style up a few of my jackets… I’ve probably got far too many because I can’t part with them😜.. every time I have a clear out I try to get rid of some but think no no I’ll wear that again an regret throwing it away, so it goes back into my bulging wardrobe.., much to my Hubby’s annoyance 🤣.  (This is not bragging by an means a lot of my stuff is yrs old I just won’t get rid!!)✨

I’ve picked a few up from vintage shops & my mum has started getting me one for my birthday or Christmas over the last few years💕.

7AAC3722-06E3-4145-B0FE-6FA516E3753D.jpegThis jacket is vintage AE29C052-1158-4A52-B4F3-17D559261AC4.jpegThis jacket is from Tuclothing4E63ABA2-BB99-4F76-AABB-E86CE3E1F7CC.jpegThis jacket is from Zara ED95090B-D16E-481A-853B-28E6BB5E8E10.jpegThis jacket is vintage 88A00B26-9DA2-4736-AC74-420B83531567This jacket is from Zara 63AFAEAB-7742-4FA0-929C-69A2A6D2CF4EThis is a vintage jacket.

I hope you like them. Thanks for reading, have a lovely Saturday, Shirley xx❤️😘