Wrap up warm🧥🧣🧤

Tuesday 27th February

Would you believe we’re two days off March an it’s snowing ❄️☃️, what’s happening to our weather ?? What a better time to do blog on coats 😊

I’ve put together a small collection of my coats (these had to be selfies coz everyone was out🤪) .. I must admit it’s only lately I’ve started getting into wearing coats, I’d much prefer a warm jacket… I’m really taking an interest in them atm though.

Here’s my dressier coats, hope you like them. Enjoy your day & keep warm everyone. Thanks for reading. Shirley xx❤️😘

12052FFF-8413-4A22-91D6-77F2306CF6B3.pngThis is Calvin Klein from TKmaxx

9656B13F-DD5C-4FC7-99F3-1CD2EFC430A4.jpegThis is from TKmaxx

DE35B9E1-0E36-4D17-AFA7-C872BFB4DED1.jpegThis is from Tuclothing

3C581657-EFC2-45C7-9D30-6CF5622D1878.jpegThis is a vintage one

F7ED1A3C-990D-4B98-9424-22FCDB91CB39.jpegThis is from Tuclothing.