Snowy days ☃️☃️

Wednesday 28th February

I can’t believe we woke up to snow yesterday & today it’s starting again…it’s only light but it still coming down. We almost never get snow even when the whole country is covered in it…especially this time of year❄️🤣😜.

Went out with poppy earlier but the wind was icy so we didn’t get far…and to add insult to injury our heating is broke😂😂. The boiler man is coming out later today to hopefully fix the problem (a leak 🙈) until then I’m snuggled under a throw on the couch trying to keep warm… just had a great thought a hot chocolate…👍I mean if you can’t treat yourself in a crisis like this when can ya👌.

Hope you’re all keeping warm & safe.. I’m popping some pretty pics up from Pinterest of snowy days❄️☃️. Thanks for reading. Shirley ❤️😘