Scary weekend 😢😔

Monday 5th March

Well what can I say about this weekend… it all began Friday afternoon when the absence seizures started 😬

Nothing really out the normal for me to be having them because I have them a few days each week.. often multiple times during the day, just like this Friday! The thing about Friday that was a bit different an that doesn’t happen every week because of the amount of medication I take is, I don’t have a Gran Mal seizure.. or blackout.

Me an Fay had been home about  ten minutes because I’d spent the day at my mums …Neil was out for tea so we ate there… I was knackered after having the fits so decided to go a bit earlier an Fay came too with me being unwell.

We’d literally been dropped off gone upstairs an I was in the bathroom an hit the floor, no warning nothing… thank god for Fay she caught me going down so I didn’t fall flat on my face but dropped to my knees first so although I’ve got bruises an I’m aching an sore it’s nothing to what could of happened!!

I constantly have the absence seizures an they get me down but it’s when these ones raise their ugly heads that I realise how lucky I actually am that I’m not having these on a daily/weekly basis which could very well be the case. It can be a pain taking upto 20 tablets a day but it’s definitely worth it if it means keeping these at bay😳. It was this time last yr I had my last ones of these ..I had three coz my meds were messed up!!

Sometimes we moan about daft things don’t we like having to take tablets but it’s not until the really horrible things come up an bite you the bum that you think… maybe I haven’t got it so bad. My epilepsy is by no means controlled but thankfully in the main it’s the absence seizures I have.. hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Thanks for reading everyone. I’ve popped a pic up of my bruises😂😂. Shirley ❤️😘💜

ECA69270-B985-4D9F-81B1-C6932CE64E64This is today a couple of days after my fit. Healing slowly but surely 💜🙌💜

AE4BF07C-8F46-46AD-A1C1-226E201798B4Very true 💜💜💜