What a lovely Mother’s Day 🌸💐

Monday 12th March

What a week last week was🤪😬… not my best one ever 🙀 lots of .. well I was gonna say ups an downs but there wasn’t many ups if I’m being honest 🤣.

I spent the week in my mum & dads apart from one day after having the awful fit the Friday before an a couple more little ones Saturday. I also had another little one (absence) on Thursday then quite a long 2hr absence this Saturday morning.

We’d planned to go for tea for Mother’s Day (for a change..someone usually cooks) earlier in the week if I was feeling better and to be perfectly honest I didn’t think I’d make it. I’d been going to bed at 6pm every night to watch telly in bed an it’d killed me staying up that late so the thought of getting ready to go for a meal horrified me😬!!

After another early night Saturday though (an telling everyone I wasn’t going) I got up Sunday well I won’t say feeling refreshed but better than I’d felt in over a week so decided to take my time getting ready .. partly because I felt like I was letting everyone down (like I constantly do when I can’t go places after having a fit) and partly because I felt like getting myself ready because I’d been in PJs for over a bloody week 🤣🤣.

Best decision I’ve made this year I had a really lovely day… the meal was absolutely gorgeous an everyone had a great day. I know my mum wasn’t looking forward to going without me, Neil an possibly Fay… an then Eve (my niece) would of been disappointed..so in the end everyone was happy an we all had a really lovely day. I’ve tried to get back into my routine a bit today doing my instagram an the housework… baby steps because I’m still not 100% an I’m feeling very tired but I’m feeling a lot more positive & I’m sure going yesterday helped towards that.

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. 05923C9E-5C03-498C-B971-917586B0C9BD I’ve popped some pics up from our meal . Thanks for reading. Shirley ❤️😍😘.


Me & my gorgeous mum just before we left 😍

CC3702E9-C65B-4919-BCB9-47441F263A50My lovely sister & niece at the restaurant ❤️

646893F1-C9F4-4DD1-8653-68A8EA5EE304My gorgeous niece, daughter & dad😘

CDB0E24E-714B-46FE-BD2A-268CBA20A491Me an my gorgeous hubby 😍😘

6A807D75-031C-4691-84CB-2C2B0CEF016AMy beautiful mum & auntie 😘.

I was well an truly spoilt btw…I got a beautiful breakfast cooked for me by my hubby & gorgeous presents off my beautiful daughter… which I totally didn’t expect ❤️❤️❤️.

8E76FFF2-B09E-4A8F-81F7-9D93B05A550DBreakfast fit for a king mmmm😊

510B6A2B-4405-4715-89BF-5CEC2AC1329ESpoilt rotten with beautiful gifts 😍.

5A9FAD60-D947-42C9-A056-8CEE37621BAASpecial card of my baby ❤️😘

Despite having one of my worst weeks in a while yesterday was a fantastic day 🙌❤️😘.