Getting organised 🙌👌👍

Sunday 18th March

Morning everyone hope you’re all warm & well 🙌💓. I haven’t posted anything all week because I haven’t been too good… another rubbish week with my fits 🤣🤣. Friday & Saturday have been more positive so I thought I get some outfits prepared incase I’m not well in the future to post on my instagram to save posting constantly about my epilepsy 🤣😬.

Maybe it’s just in my head but I’m thinking people with start getting bored hearing about my epilepsy so I wanted to get some pics together of outfits to post (not every time) but now an then because I’m having them so often lately 💜🤣.

I thought I’d pop them on here for you all to see….just a little selection of outfits a few with a nod towards spring & the better weather because all we’re having is snow lately ⛄️ ❄️🤣.  Roll on spring please 🙏💐🌸🌷.  Had my hubby up the wall taking pics yesterday 🤣😬.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone & thanks for reading. Shirley xxx❤️😍😘

27CEACBC-2609-435C-9134-165A6E3589B3Thought I’d try a different pose🤣🤣

AFE4DB9A-366B-4449-A544-B69EB984B223.jpegMaking the most of the seat🙌😘

08F15A60-A870-4E94-95FF-D6A525EFC5CE.jpegRoll on spring to wear a lighter coat 💐😍

227E8A0A-D5FD-43E5-8505-69529E7DA5A8.jpegPoppy getting in on the pic 🤣🙌

22FC3C58-BD32-4496-A102-C144C6B701C1My comfy jeans 👍💓

80B76516-04E6-4155-B649-8ADB3CF27516.jpegAnd finally all wrapped up.. poppy thought we were going out 🤣❄️❤️.