Not my best week 🤣😜

Sunday 8th April

Afternoon everyone, hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend & Easter break.

Sorry I haven’t posted on here much over the last couple of weeks, my daughter has been on her Easter holidays & I’ve been having quite a few fits so haven’t really been upto putting together a blog🤣.

It’s been lovely having Fay off an we’ve managed to get a few things sorted while she’s been off..that’s in between me having fits an her popping into school for revision (her GCSE’s) are coming up in the next couple of months 😱.. don’t know who’s more worried me or Fay 😂.

We had a lovely shopping trip last Saturday an got Fay’s prom dress an shoes.. that’s coming up in June.  We also got our long awaited eye test done.. been meaning to do it since the beginning of January 😜.. I’m bloody hopeless!! Anyway Fay’s are fine I however need reading glasses… it’s all done hill from here🤣🤣.

Fay had a couple of sleep overs which was nice an Neil’s had a couple of days off so it’s been a busy couple of weeks all in all🤪.

Today’s a day in bed for me while I catch up on my blog an recover from a few days worth of fits… my head is all over the place, it’s a tonne weight an yet I keep going dizzy I’m on four lots of epilepsy medication so it’s not surprising.. I don’t know if the new ones are making me feel better or worse!! Time will tell I suppose 🙈🙊.

I’m living in hope this week is gonna be a better one for me .. or a couple of days at least so I can meet up for lunch with my friend that I have been putting off because my fits have been so awful lately 👊😡.

I’ve been looking over a few pics from the last couple of yrs when I’ve been all dressed up for weddings & nights out.. helping to keep me positive an giving me a bit of incentive to get better, I’ll pop them up. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday & once again thanks for reading 💖❤️ Shirley 😘😘💓

E6EBBA5B-6D32-4AD6-88E7-52C61E85897FI wore this for a friends wedding a couple of years ago it’s so comfortable.. got it online from the  little wings factory, shoes Irregular Choice 💘💓

2314B6EF-DA1F-4183-9023-21313BC80A2B.pngWore this to a friends party again dress from little wings factory & shoes Irregular Choice 💖💋

868F36ED-675E-4A72-9D00-E119F2517A9A.pngI wore this to another friends wedding jumpsuit from TKmaxx & shoes Irregular Choice 💖💓



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