Maxi Heaven 👗

Tuesday 17th April

Evening everyone hope you’re enjoying a bit of sunshine 🌞 ☀️. It’s coming out here an we’ve been promised the rest of the week is going to get better an better… that’s like music to my ears, I think it makes you feel so much better when you wake up to the sun.

It’s inspired me to look for some nice flowing summery dressers, ones that aren’t too skimpy because I don’t think it’s quite vest top weather just yet😉 mores the pity!

I’ve popped a selection of dresses below, some daytime an some you can dress up… hope you like them. I just wish I could buy them all🤣🤣.. maybe we’ll win the lottery tonight 🤞. Enjoy an thanks for reading Shirley xxx💖❤️😘

0AC6E3B0-24A0-45B0-B681-4953E3BDB73AAll dresses are on sale from ASOS… this is more of a daytime look, so pretty either with pumps or sandals 🌸💓

E0E66006-B04B-420A-88C6-BA3358BB8CC9Again I’d say this is a daytime dress nice for a day shopping with girlfriends 👗👠

15B325A5-F054-457D-937F-7322416032D4.pngLove this one I’d definitely wear this for drinks out 🍹🍸


Another beautiful dress perfect for a lunch date 🍱🍕

0EE29FA6-3D00-4D3E-8B69-BC6A646F659ASuch a pretty dress I’d style this with some flat sandals 💐🦋

C2CCFAC5-665C-4FFA-BBC8-AEE014A74139Love the colours on this dress an I’d definitely wear this out out🥂🍾

79D3666F-F0EC-4836-8019-F9CEB39A30FC.pngThis dress is perfect for a summer wedding it’s so beautiful 🌺🌸

839262BA-FF71-413F-8E55-1EEA3F1E2F28I just adore this dress this would be amazing if you were attending any of the races…never been myself but they’re meant to be fabulous.. style with heels an a hat an you’re good to go 👒👠

6385DA7C-48FC-4591-ABCC-10754B7F0231An finally this beautiful dress is perfect for day an night. 😍❤️

The beauty of them all is not one is over £50 so you can’t go wrong.

I love each an every one of them I probably haven’t got room for them in my wardrobe but I’m sure if someone bought them for me (hubby if we win the lottery hint hint)  I’ll find room 🤣🤣.



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