It’s been a hectic few weeks 🙌😆😴

Wednesday 30th May.

Hiya everyone I’ve been neglecting my blog over the last few weeks.. if I’m being completely honest the weeks have passed so quickly an my health hasn’t been great an I haven’t really had the energy to keep up with my blog & my instagram account.

I’m determined to get myself back on track though because I was really enjoying writing my blog each week so here’s a brief rundown of what’s been going on over the last few weeks… when I say brief it may take some time 🤣🤣 bare with me🙏.

I’ve been back the hospital over my medication an I’m gonna come off the most recent tablets they put me on, my seizures haven’t got any better in fact if anything they’re worse because the meds are making me so tired so hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit better once I’m off them in the next few weeks🤞.

Me an Neil have actually managed to have a couple of nights out over the last couple of months.. something that’s practically unheard of😆🤣.  We nearly never made it to either because of my fits but thankfully on the actual days I was fit free so I made the effort to get ready an we got out!!

The first one was a works night out with Neil’s work friends, it was really lovely to meet them all they’re a lovely group of people 🤗😍.


My outfit for the night ❤️


Me & Neil on our way home 🏠 😍

The 2nd night out was for my friends wedding which was a lovely night & the first time Fay stayed home alone.. I was texting her every half an hour 🤣🤣. She loved it & felt so grown up🙌.


Me with my hair curled 😍


Me with the beautiful bride 👰

We celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary 🎩👰..we’ve actually been together 24yrs an without being soppy we’re genuinely happier now than ever, he’s my best friend an I’d be lost without him. We celebrated by going to see the new Deadpool film & having our tea out with Fay👨‍👩‍👧.


Family Selfie 🤳 6F3F41C9-19CE-4182-AA32-E9B2959F294D

my world 🌍


Me & my gorgeous hubby 💏

The day after our Anniversary was Fay’s 16th Birthday.. I did some crying 😢 leading upto her birthday felt like I was losing my baby girl 🤣🤣.  She’s so grown up all of a sudden an such a beautiful young lady an we’re so proud of her. We celebrated the weekend after her birthday because she’s in the middle of her GCSES 🤣📚.

63F30F6E-4CF2-4D9B-95C8-4B395F541AF7Our beautiful girl 😍❤️

Birthday meal xxx🎂🎉🎈

Apart from fits every week an the odd trip to the pics that pretty much brings us upto date with my last few weeks. I’m gonna try an be more regular with my blog, thanks so much for reading an I hope you’re all well. Xxx😊❤️😘


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  1. Hi Shirley, I’m glad you were able to have some celebrations this month. I love your outfit with the red accessories teamed with the monochrome – very chic! Lx

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