About Me

9D1F0916-19E1-423D-B274-A88708DE7D6B.jpegHi my name is Shirley I’m 44 yrs old have got one daughter who was 16yrs old this May.  (how did that time go so fast!!) I’ve been married to my husband Neil 19yrs this May the day before Fays 16th birthday in fact, we’ve been together 24yrs though..again those yrs have flown over! We’ve got one dog a cocker spaniel Poppy she’s 3yrs old, she’s well and truly part of the family. I’m a housewife and have been for the last 15yrs. I went back to work for a short time when Fay was about 9mths old but due to my health I got medically retired. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy when I was 21yrs old & after investigations they discovered I’ve had it all my life..my seizures have got increasingly worse over the yrs hence my not working. The reason I wanted to start my blog was I’ve always been interested in fashion, vintage & beauty in general an since hitting my 40s I’ve found I’m finally happy with the way I look..or should I say I’m not as critical of myself as I always was! I’m a size 12 and more confident in wearing more of the clothes that I want to wear without worrying about what other people think, and I’d love to share that love of clothes with all of you. Please join me on what I hope will be an exciting & fun journey. Thanks Shirley xxx