It’s been a while 😊😏

Wednesday 18th July.

Well what can I say it’s been a while 😏… my last blog post was over a month ago an several times I’ve gone to write a post but with one thing and another I just haven’t got around to it!!

The last month or so has been busy so let me try an fill you in the best I can🙌👍.

Since I last wrote my blog Fay’s finished school an had her prom (pics to follow) .. she looked absolutely stunning, it was another emotional day for me seeing her getting her hair & make-up done she looked beautiful, proud is an understatement of how we felt seeing her that night💞💞.

Fay looking stunning 💓💓💓

Proud mum💞💞

Proud dad 💞💞

Fay’s also been away on her hols with my mum, dad an niece for a week last month so Neil took a week off an that was essentially our summer holiday too🤣😊. It turned out lovely because the weather’s been fabulous so we spent some lovely days relaxing in the garden.

Me, Neil & poppy relaxing in the garden 🤣🤣☀️

Lunch for two🥂🙌

I’ve also started a # on a Saturday on instagram. #sharethestylesaturday which is going really well I’m enjoying it so much. I’ve had two different ladies helping me out already on different weeks it’s growing week on week.

I’ve actually passed the 1000 followers on instagram which is a huge achievement for me an something I didn’t thing I’d accomplish when I first started sharing my outfits/life. I’ve met some absolutely lovely women over the last few months an made a couple of very good friends.

In hindsight maybe I would of been better trying to grow my instagram following before starting my blog rather than trying to do both at the same time, especially as I’ve been struggling so much with my health as well!!

Unfortunately my epilepsy hasn’t gotten any better over the last month despite coming off the extra tablets I was taking. I’m less tired on the few days I’m not having them but the seizures are still as often an I’m still having a few a day when I have them. That’s also a big part of the reason why I haven’t been doing my blog I’ve just been soooo tired!!!😴.

Anyway not too bore you anymore apart from a lunch date with Fay & a bbq in our neighbours you’re pretty much upto date with my exciting life 🤣🤣. I’ll share some of my ootd posts with you over the last month from my instagram account.

I hope you’re all well. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. Have a great Wednesday xx😊☀️💜😘

These are some of the ladies sharing their outfits for my #sharethestylesaturday 💞💖💓

Me being very brave in some short shorts 🤣🙌💓

I was trying out a pose on some rocks…so out of my comfort zone 😝😆🤣

One of # outfits 🙌💞💞

BBQ ready 🙌👍❤️

And finally yesterday all ready for my lunch date with Fay 💞💞💞.

Today’s another rubbish day for me I’ve had another couple of fits but thought while I’m sitting here I’d make the effort to catch up with my blog. I really do enjoy doing this so thanks again for taking the time for reading xxx💖💖💖


It’s been a hectic few weeks 🙌😆😴

Wednesday 30th May.

Hiya everyone I’ve been neglecting my blog over the last few weeks.. if I’m being completely honest the weeks have passed so quickly an my health hasn’t been great an I haven’t really had the energy to keep up with my blog & my instagram account.

I’m determined to get myself back on track though because I was really enjoying writing my blog each week so here’s a brief rundown of what’s been going on over the last few weeks… when I say brief it may take some time 🤣🤣 bare with me🙏.

I’ve been back the hospital over my medication an I’m gonna come off the most recent tablets they put me on, my seizures haven’t got any better in fact if anything they’re worse because the meds are making me so tired so hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit better once I’m off them in the next few weeks🤞.

Me an Neil have actually managed to have a couple of nights out over the last couple of months.. something that’s practically unheard of😆🤣.  We nearly never made it to either because of my fits but thankfully on the actual days I was fit free so I made the effort to get ready an we got out!!

The first one was a works night out with Neil’s work friends, it was really lovely to meet them all they’re a lovely group of people 🤗😍.


My outfit for the night ❤️


Me & Neil on our way home 🏠 😍

The 2nd night out was for my friends wedding which was a lovely night & the first time Fay stayed home alone.. I was texting her every half an hour 🤣🤣. She loved it & felt so grown up🙌.


Me with my hair curled 😍


Me with the beautiful bride 👰

We celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary 🎩👰..we’ve actually been together 24yrs an without being soppy we’re genuinely happier now than ever, he’s my best friend an I’d be lost without him. We celebrated by going to see the new Deadpool film & having our tea out with Fay👨‍👩‍👧.


Family Selfie 🤳 6F3F41C9-19CE-4182-AA32-E9B2959F294D

my world 🌍


Me & my gorgeous hubby 💏

The day after our Anniversary was Fay’s 16th Birthday.. I did some crying 😢 leading upto her birthday felt like I was losing my baby girl 🤣🤣.  She’s so grown up all of a sudden an such a beautiful young lady an we’re so proud of her. We celebrated the weekend after her birthday because she’s in the middle of her GCSES 🤣📚.

63F30F6E-4CF2-4D9B-95C8-4B395F541AF7Our beautiful girl 😍❤️

Birthday meal xxx🎂🎉🎈

Apart from fits every week an the odd trip to the pics that pretty much brings us upto date with my last few weeks. I’m gonna try an be more regular with my blog, thanks so much for reading an I hope you’re all well. Xxx😊❤️😘

It’s all about the summer sandals 👡☀️😊

Sunday 22nd April

Afternoon everyone hope you’re all enjoying some of the wonderful sunny weather we’ve been having 🌞😎. Unfortunately it seems to have left us for the afternoon but hopefully it’ll return tomorrow 🤞🙌.

I seem to be having one of my rubbish days today (must be this weather 🤣)… so to cheer myself I’ve been browsing on-line shopping as you do, a girls gotta do  something to make herself feel better an to be fair I’m only window shopping 😆, I may have popped a few things in my bag for future paydays though 😜🙌.

I was quite surprised browsing through @tuclothing at the variety of sandals they had on offer. If you’re looking for a casual occasion or for something slightly more dressed up, like a lunch with your girlfriends or cocktails 🍹 🍸out they had plenty to choose from. I’ve popped a selection up for you to take a look at, and one thing to bare in mind if you see something you fancy every couple of months they have 25% off the shoes & clothes @tuclothing so maybe it’d be worth keeping your eye out for that an get the money off!!

Thanks for reading hope you like them.. Shirley xxx😊💖😘😘


Great for the day with a dress or trousers 💖


Another lovely day sandal 🙌💓


I love these for the day, these are in my bag 🙌💘


Another one that I couldn’t resist.. good for casual or slightly more dressed up if you don’t like heels💓😊


A great little day sandal perfect for summer ☀️💖


These would be great for your holiday ☀️💓


Great little wedge for the summer months 🍹☀️


Great if you want to add a bit of colour to your outfit 💘💖


Love a bit of embroidery.. these platforms are perfect 👌 for summer ☀️.

Hope you like them all & the best part is the most expensive is only £20.00 so you can’t go wrong. Have a great day everyone xxx😘😘

Maxi Heaven 👗

Tuesday 17th April

Evening everyone hope you’re enjoying a bit of sunshine 🌞 ☀️. It’s coming out here an we’ve been promised the rest of the week is going to get better an better… that’s like music to my ears, I think it makes you feel so much better when you wake up to the sun.

It’s inspired me to look for some nice flowing summery dressers, ones that aren’t too skimpy because I don’t think it’s quite vest top weather just yet😉 mores the pity!

I’ve popped a selection of dresses below, some daytime an some you can dress up… hope you like them. I just wish I could buy them all🤣🤣.. maybe we’ll win the lottery tonight 🤞. Enjoy an thanks for reading Shirley xxx💖❤️😘

0AC6E3B0-24A0-45B0-B681-4953E3BDB73AAll dresses are on sale from ASOS… this is more of a daytime look, so pretty either with pumps or sandals 🌸💓

E0E66006-B04B-420A-88C6-BA3358BB8CC9Again I’d say this is a daytime dress nice for a day shopping with girlfriends 👗👠

15B325A5-F054-457D-937F-7322416032D4.pngLove this one I’d definitely wear this for drinks out 🍹🍸


Another beautiful dress perfect for a lunch date 🍱🍕

0EE29FA6-3D00-4D3E-8B69-BC6A646F659ASuch a pretty dress I’d style this with some flat sandals 💐🦋

C2CCFAC5-665C-4FFA-BBC8-AEE014A74139Love the colours on this dress an I’d definitely wear this out out🥂🍾

79D3666F-F0EC-4836-8019-F9CEB39A30FC.pngThis dress is perfect for a summer wedding it’s so beautiful 🌺🌸

839262BA-FF71-413F-8E55-1EEA3F1E2F28I just adore this dress this would be amazing if you were attending any of the races…never been myself but they’re meant to be fabulous.. style with heels an a hat an you’re good to go 👒👠

6385DA7C-48FC-4591-ABCC-10754B7F0231An finally this beautiful dress is perfect for day an night. 😍❤️

The beauty of them all is not one is over £50 so you can’t go wrong.

I love each an every one of them I probably haven’t got room for them in my wardrobe but I’m sure if someone bought them for me (hubby if we win the lottery hint hint)  I’ll find room 🤣🤣.


Not my best week 🤣😜

Sunday 8th April

Afternoon everyone, hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend & Easter break.

Sorry I haven’t posted on here much over the last couple of weeks, my daughter has been on her Easter holidays & I’ve been having quite a few fits so haven’t really been upto putting together a blog🤣.

It’s been lovely having Fay off an we’ve managed to get a few things sorted while she’s been off..that’s in between me having fits an her popping into school for revision (her GCSE’s) are coming up in the next couple of months 😱.. don’t know who’s more worried me or Fay 😂.

We had a lovely shopping trip last Saturday an got Fay’s prom dress an shoes.. that’s coming up in June.  We also got our long awaited eye test done.. been meaning to do it since the beginning of January 😜.. I’m bloody hopeless!! Anyway Fay’s are fine I however need reading glasses… it’s all done hill from here🤣🤣.

Fay had a couple of sleep overs which was nice an Neil’s had a couple of days off so it’s been a busy couple of weeks all in all🤪.

Today’s a day in bed for me while I catch up on my blog an recover from a few days worth of fits… my head is all over the place, it’s a tonne weight an yet I keep going dizzy I’m on four lots of epilepsy medication so it’s not surprising.. I don’t know if the new ones are making me feel better or worse!! Time will tell I suppose 🙈🙊.

I’m living in hope this week is gonna be a better one for me .. or a couple of days at least so I can meet up for lunch with my friend that I have been putting off because my fits have been so awful lately 👊😡.

I’ve been looking over a few pics from the last couple of yrs when I’ve been all dressed up for weddings & nights out.. helping to keep me positive an giving me a bit of incentive to get better, I’ll pop them up. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday & once again thanks for reading 💖❤️ Shirley 😘😘💓

E6EBBA5B-6D32-4AD6-88E7-52C61E85897FI wore this for a friends wedding a couple of years ago it’s so comfortable.. got it online from the  little wings factory, shoes Irregular Choice 💘💓

2314B6EF-DA1F-4183-9023-21313BC80A2B.pngWore this to a friends party again dress from little wings factory & shoes Irregular Choice 💖💋

868F36ED-675E-4A72-9D00-E119F2517A9A.pngI wore this to another friends wedding jumpsuit from TKmaxx & shoes Irregular Choice 💖💓


Dress To Impress 👗👠👛

Wednesday 28th March

Good afternoon everyone I hope you’re all well & looking forward to Easter 🐣.

It’s a right old miserable day here so I thought I’d cheer myself up and hopefully some of you by doing a blog on some of my vintage dresses 👗.

I’m a lover of fashion in general but I’ve always loved vintage clothes be it bags, jackets, tops or dresses… I’ve got that many lately  our little bedroom looks like a clothes shop🤣🤣 but I just can’t part with them.. oh to have a walk in wardrobe 🙏 one day!!

I managed to persuade my beautiful daughter to take some pics for me while she’s on her hols from school so I could get a blog together on some of my .. dressier dresses an a couple more for daytime. I could probably do a separate blog on day dresses alone but I didn’t wanna push my luck 🤣🤣.

Anyway I hope you like the ones I’ve chose.. poppy has managed to get herself in on all the pics again 🤣🤣 she’s such a poser💓💓. Thanks for reading 😊 Shirley 😘😘💓.

I love this dress I wore this for my 40th birthday 💘💘

I think the detail on this is beautiful.. I wore this dress for a friends wedding 😊💓

0E5507C6-BD7F-44C8-A28C-FB020E16CF77This is one of my favourite dresses.. I wore this for my Dad’s surprise 60th birthday party 🎉💖

63ACECB4-8FB9-4198-B2AD-41CF35F4E688This is my perfect little black dress.. I wore this on a Xmas night out a few yrs back 💓💖

I love this .. my hubby isn’t as keen can’t imagine why🤣💖. I wore this for a family meal 💖😘

And finally this is another fav🙌 Can be dressed up or down.. I wore this out to lunch with friends 😊💓💓

Hope you like them have a lovely day 😘😘❤️

Loving Candlelight 🕯🕯 Lately 💘💘

Sunday 25th March.

Been hoping to get a new blog up for the last few days an finally feeling upto it today.

If you’ve read any of my other blogs you’ll know I struggle with my Epilepsy daily. As a result of this I tend to have a lot of early nights.

One thing that helps me relax is having lots of lovely candles either in the living room or bedroom…I find them really relaxing an find they give a lovely atmosphere to the room.

I used to use candles now an then but certainly since the beginning of this year I find I’ve been lightening them every night… they give off lovely smells & they’re great for when poppy isn’t smelling her best after a run in the park  🤣👌.

I’ve put a selection of some of my favourite candles up & the ones I use daily. I hope you like them. Thanks for reading, Shirley xx💗💓😘.


These are Aldi candles & diffuser..they smell fabulous an the candles burn right down. The tea candles are price candles again really lovely smells an great burners🙌💘

EF5F833D-880B-42B1-A994-B0231E77048E.jpegI’m well stocked up on these gorgeous candles 👍👌😘

803F1805-9820-4A93-8A08-7A9427EFDAF4These are my my collection of price candles.. beautiful smells. My mum get me these for Christmas each yr💘💓

E37BC79B-0B8F-4D96-ADFF-B9499D6F4E52Some Sainsbury’s tea candles & a Mother’s Day candle from Fay (this might be more a keeper than a burner) 💗💘💓

Getting organised 🙌👌👍

Sunday 18th March

Morning everyone hope you’re all warm & well 🙌💓. I haven’t posted anything all week because I haven’t been too good… another rubbish week with my fits 🤣🤣. Friday & Saturday have been more positive so I thought I get some outfits prepared incase I’m not well in the future to post on my instagram to save posting constantly about my epilepsy 🤣😬.

Maybe it’s just in my head but I’m thinking people with start getting bored hearing about my epilepsy so I wanted to get some pics together of outfits to post (not every time) but now an then because I’m having them so often lately 💜🤣.

I thought I’d pop them on here for you all to see….just a little selection of outfits a few with a nod towards spring & the better weather because all we’re having is snow lately ⛄️ ❄️🤣.  Roll on spring please 🙏💐🌸🌷.  Had my hubby up the wall taking pics yesterday 🤣😬.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone & thanks for reading. Shirley xxx❤️😍😘

27CEACBC-2609-435C-9134-165A6E3589B3Thought I’d try a different pose🤣🤣

AFE4DB9A-366B-4449-A544-B69EB984B223.jpegMaking the most of the seat🙌😘

08F15A60-A870-4E94-95FF-D6A525EFC5CE.jpegRoll on spring to wear a lighter coat 💐😍

227E8A0A-D5FD-43E5-8505-69529E7DA5A8.jpegPoppy getting in on the pic 🤣🙌

22FC3C58-BD32-4496-A102-C144C6B701C1My comfy jeans 👍💓

80B76516-04E6-4155-B649-8ADB3CF27516.jpegAnd finally all wrapped up.. poppy thought we were going out 🤣❄️❤️.

What a lovely Mother’s Day 🌸💐

Monday 12th March

What a week last week was🤪😬… not my best one ever 🙀 lots of .. well I was gonna say ups an downs but there wasn’t many ups if I’m being honest 🤣.

I spent the week in my mum & dads apart from one day after having the awful fit the Friday before an a couple more little ones Saturday. I also had another little one (absence) on Thursday then quite a long 2hr absence this Saturday morning.

We’d planned to go for tea for Mother’s Day (for a change..someone usually cooks) earlier in the week if I was feeling better and to be perfectly honest I didn’t think I’d make it. I’d been going to bed at 6pm every night to watch telly in bed an it’d killed me staying up that late so the thought of getting ready to go for a meal horrified me😬!!

After another early night Saturday though (an telling everyone I wasn’t going) I got up Sunday well I won’t say feeling refreshed but better than I’d felt in over a week so decided to take my time getting ready .. partly because I felt like I was letting everyone down (like I constantly do when I can’t go places after having a fit) and partly because I felt like getting myself ready because I’d been in PJs for over a bloody week 🤣🤣.

Best decision I’ve made this year I had a really lovely day… the meal was absolutely gorgeous an everyone had a great day. I know my mum wasn’t looking forward to going without me, Neil an possibly Fay… an then Eve (my niece) would of been in the end everyone was happy an we all had a really lovely day. I’ve tried to get back into my routine a bit today doing my instagram an the housework… baby steps because I’m still not 100% an I’m feeling very tired but I’m feeling a lot more positive & I’m sure going yesterday helped towards that.

Hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday. 05923C9E-5C03-498C-B971-917586B0C9BD I’ve popped some pics up from our meal . Thanks for reading. Shirley ❤️😍😘.


Me & my gorgeous mum just before we left 😍

CC3702E9-C65B-4919-BCB9-47441F263A50My lovely sister & niece at the restaurant ❤️

646893F1-C9F4-4DD1-8653-68A8EA5EE304My gorgeous niece, daughter & dad😘

CDB0E24E-714B-46FE-BD2A-268CBA20A491Me an my gorgeous hubby 😍😘

6A807D75-031C-4691-84CB-2C2B0CEF016AMy beautiful mum & auntie 😘.

I was well an truly spoilt btw…I got a beautiful breakfast cooked for me by my hubby & gorgeous presents off my beautiful daughter… which I totally didn’t expect ❤️❤️❤️.

8E76FFF2-B09E-4A8F-81F7-9D93B05A550DBreakfast fit for a king mmmm😊

510B6A2B-4405-4715-89BF-5CEC2AC1329ESpoilt rotten with beautiful gifts 😍.

5A9FAD60-D947-42C9-A056-8CEE37621BAASpecial card of my baby ❤️😘

Despite having one of my worst weeks in a while yesterday was a fantastic day 🙌❤️😘.

Peaceful nights sleep 🙏😴🔥🌟

Wednesday 7th March

Hoping for the best nights sleep ever 😴😂🤪.

My Mum & Dad very kindly bought me a Salt lamp for an early Mother’s Day gift.

I’ve heard so many great things about these lamps… how they help you relax & help you sleep 💤 so fingers crossed tonight it’s going to work it’s magic on me🤞.

I’ve had it on for a few hrs now an it looks beautiful, so warming an cozy 🔥😴. I’ve also got my candles burning so if all these relaxing things can’t help me sleep I really don’t think there’s much hope for me & sleep 🤣💤🤞😴.

I’ve popped the pics up of the lamp. Hope you all get a good nights sleep 😴💤. Thanks for reading. Shirley 🙌💜😘

3995831F-7F5A-49AA-ABDF-72523FBF6F1DBeautiful Salt Lamp 🔥🌟

94841D48-430C-4E5F-9E9A-C922A1A1D619My beautiful lamp & budda candle burner🙌😊😘