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Scary weekend 😢😔

Monday 5th March

Well what can I say about this weekend… it all began Friday afternoon when the absence seizures started 😬

Nothing really out the normal for me to be having them because I have them a few days each week.. often multiple times during the day, just like this Friday! The thing about Friday that was a bit different an that doesn’t happen every week because of the amount of medication I take is, I don’t have a Gran Mal seizure.. or blackout.

Me an Fay had been home about  ten minutes because I’d spent the day at my mums …Neil was out for tea so we ate there… I was knackered after having the fits so decided to go a bit earlier an Fay came too with me being unwell.

We’d literally been dropped off gone upstairs an I was in the bathroom an hit the floor, no warning nothing… thank god for Fay she caught me going down so I didn’t fall flat on my face but dropped to my knees first so although I’ve got bruises an I’m aching an sore it’s nothing to what could of happened!!

I constantly have the absence seizures an they get me down but it’s when these ones raise their ugly heads that I realise how lucky I actually am that I’m not having these on a daily/weekly basis which could very well be the case. It can be a pain taking upto 20 tablets a day but it’s definitely worth it if it means keeping these at bay😳. It was this time last yr I had my last ones of these ..I had three coz my meds were messed up!!

Sometimes we moan about daft things don’t we like having to take tablets but it’s not until the really horrible things come up an bite you the bum that you think… maybe I haven’t got it so bad. My epilepsy is by no means controlled but thankfully in the main it’s the absence seizures I have.. hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Thanks for reading everyone. I’ve popped a pic up of my bruises😂😂. Shirley ❤️😘💜

ECA69270-B985-4D9F-81B1-C6932CE64E64This is today a couple of days after my fit. Healing slowly but surely 💜🙌💜

AE4BF07C-8F46-46AD-A1C1-226E201798B4Very true 💜💜💜


Snowy days ☃️☃️

Wednesday 28th February

I can’t believe we woke up to snow yesterday & today it’s starting again…it’s only light but it still coming down. We almost never get snow even when the whole country is covered in it…especially this time of year❄️🤣😜.

Went out with poppy earlier but the wind was icy so we didn’t get far…and to add insult to injury our heating is broke😂😂. The boiler man is coming out later today to hopefully fix the problem (a leak 🙈) until then I’m snuggled under a throw on the couch trying to keep warm… just had a great thought a hot chocolate…👍I mean if you can’t treat yourself in a crisis like this when can ya👌.

Hope you’re all keeping warm & safe.. I’m popping some pretty pics up from Pinterest of snowy days❄️☃️. Thanks for reading. Shirley ❤️😘





Wrap up warm🧥🧣🧤

Tuesday 27th February

Would you believe we’re two days off March an it’s snowing ❄️☃️, what’s happening to our weather ?? What a better time to do blog on coats 😊

I’ve put together a small collection of my coats (these had to be selfies coz everyone was out🤪) .. I must admit it’s only lately I’ve started getting into wearing coats, I’d much prefer a warm jacket… I’m really taking an interest in them atm though.

Here’s my dressier coats, hope you like them. Enjoy your day & keep warm everyone. Thanks for reading. Shirley xx❤️😘

12052FFF-8413-4A22-91D6-77F2306CF6B3.pngThis is Calvin Klein from TKmaxx

9656B13F-DD5C-4FC7-99F3-1CD2EFC430A4.jpegThis is from TKmaxx

DE35B9E1-0E36-4D17-AFA7-C872BFB4DED1.jpegThis is from Tuclothing

3C581657-EFC2-45C7-9D30-6CF5622D1878.jpegThis is a vintage one

F7ED1A3C-990D-4B98-9424-22FCDB91CB39.jpegThis is from Tuclothing.

Fabulous Jackets 👌❤️💖

Saturday 25th February

Well in my opinion anyway 🤩.

Today is all about the little jackets to wear dressed up or dressed down. I love a jacket I think they’re so versatile an can be worn  in lots of ways.

I thought I’d style up a few of my jackets… I’ve probably got far too many because I can’t part with them😜.. every time I have a clear out I try to get rid of some but think no no I’ll wear that again an regret throwing it away, so it goes back into my bulging wardrobe.., much to my Hubby’s annoyance 🤣.  (This is not bragging by an means a lot of my stuff is yrs old I just won’t get rid!!)✨

I’ve picked a few up from vintage shops & my mum has started getting me one for my birthday or Christmas over the last few years💕.

7AAC3722-06E3-4145-B0FE-6FA516E3753D.jpegThis jacket is vintage AE29C052-1158-4A52-B4F3-17D559261AC4.jpegThis jacket is from Tuclothing4E63ABA2-BB99-4F76-AABB-E86CE3E1F7CC.jpegThis jacket is from Zara ED95090B-D16E-481A-853B-28E6BB5E8E10.jpegThis jacket is vintage 88A00B26-9DA2-4736-AC74-420B83531567This jacket is from Zara 63AFAEAB-7742-4FA0-929C-69A2A6D2CF4EThis is a vintage jacket.

I hope you like them. Thanks for reading, have a lovely Saturday, Shirley xx❤️😘

Good days & bad💜💜💜

Thursday 22nd February

Yesterday was an awful day, one that’s becoming more & more common unfortunately. I was having seizures pretty much from when I woke up for two hours straight.

When I first got diagnosed with epilepsy I was in full time work because they weren’t as severe as they are today… over the years they have got gradually worse which has resulted in me having to give up work.

They are completely unpredictable  which means I can’t make plans because they can come on me at anytime without any warning.

Since finishing work I feel like it’s taken away a hell of a lot of my independence because they can come on me so randomly…I don’t get to see friends as much as I’d like, but gotta say I’ve got lovely friends an a fantastic family an I’d be completely lost without them all.

Since starting my blog an doing my instagram account everyday it’s given me a new lease of life… I know I don’t get to get dressed up & do my makeup every day because of my health 🤪 but on the days I do I really enjoy it. Hopefully over the weekend I’ll have some outfits to pop up for you. Thanks very much for reading & hope you all have a lovely evening Shirley xxx❤️😘


Tired of being tired💤💤

Tuesday 20th February

Does anyone else struggle with sleeping?? I’m a terrible sleeper .. pretty much have been for the last 15yrs, throw in a cocktail of medication an I’m lucky if I get 4-5 hrs a night an that’s not straight through.., oh no in between that I’m up an down going the bloody bathroom for a wee 5-6 times a night!!! If I’m like this at 44yrs of age what the hell am I gonna be like when I’m older???

A lot of this is due to my epilepsy medication I’m on 4 lots of tablets a day for it…plus folic acid & tablets for my IBS .. I’m surprised I don’t sound like a maraca walking around the house… but if I don’t take the tablets I have more seizures & awful pain in my stomach so I suppose it’s the lesser of two evils🤪.

Sorry for ranting today 😬.. I had all but no sleep last night so feel like rubbish. Early night for me tonight an hopefully a bit of a better sleep 💤💤.

Hope everyone sleeps well tonight thanks for reading  Shirley xx❤️😘💤😊



Who doesn’t love a dog 🐶🐾❤️

Monday 19th February

I mentioned in my bio we’ve got a cocker spaniel an she’s a gorgeous little thing❤️. We got her 3yrs ago originally for my daughter but she soon lost interest an because I’m at home she soon became glued to me.

She’s the most nervous little thing, frightened of her own shadow & hates when we go out (we don’t often leave her alone) .. but she’s adorable.

She gets me out the house on days when I’m really not in the mood, because obviously she’s gotta be walked .. especially the day after I’ve had a fit. She’s definitely been a godsend 😊.

So here’s some pics of our beautiful lady… I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her just like us. Thanks for reading. Xx😘

Posing after being out in the garden ❤️3D069821-9667-4B34-B923-EA9A830F9ECB.jpeg

Watching telly 🤣🤣.8E74511D-6FA8-4612-8968-4EBAE43A4B82

Tired little lady😴😴.7F8410A4-F1F1-4512-BC89-6500DF998CDB

Playing with her ball🐾🐾.

Maybe the most photographed pooch ever… these are only a few of the pics of her❤️❤️. My daughter won’t let me take any of her lately.. nearly 16yrs old she hates me taking her pic😂.. at least poppy can’t moan😊👍. Have a lovely evening everyonexx❤️😘

Addicted to Lulu💋💋

Monday 19th February

Hi everyone hope you’re all well. Today I’m going to pop my small collection of Lulu Guinness bags up & other bits up. I’ve loved her for years her bags are fabulous even though they’re a bit on the expensive side 😉 but then aren’t most beautiful things we like ladies 😂.

I’ve got 3 boxes of all kinds of bags on top of my wardrobe but these are my favourite 💋❤️. I just want you all to get a feel for who I am & the things I love while I’m building my blog.  Hope you love them too💋😘.


It’s all about the shoes today 👠

Hi Everyone


As well as loving clothes I’m also a huge lover of bags & shoes 👠. In particular Irregular Choice Shoes. I first came across them a few yrs back when I was looking for shoes for a friends wedding.. that was my first pair an I’ve been been building my collection ever since. They’re fun, quirky & they brighten up any outfit. The perfect shoes to make you smile 😊👠. I was lucky enough to visit their shop in London on a weekend away… amazing 😘.  Hope you like my collection. Thanks for reading. Shirley xxx❤️😘



First Friday

First Friday
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Hi everyone,

I’m new to blogging this is my first day in fact! Still finding my way around things as yet because I’m not very technical at all😬. Really enjoying it so far… if anyone has any help or advice for me to help me on my way that’d be fantastic. Hope you all have a great weekend 👍💖